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Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined Turns the RPG into a 2D Brawler


Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined Turns the RPG into a 2D Brawler

Waiting for the Final Fantasy VII remake? Try the demake!

The teaser for the Final Fantasy VII remake drew cheers and tears when it was announced at Sony’s E3 conference this year. It also inspired Final Fantasy fans PD Design Studio to remake the game their way with Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined, a side-scrolling action action game.

Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined has a short demo where players can fight as Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart alone or in co-operative multiplayer. Each character has a unique Summon and Materia that add elemental attacks to their combos. In a nod to the game’s roots, there is an experience system that lets you level up Materia.

PD Design Studio has a few ideas of features to add if Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined were a full game, but stated that they’re almost done with this project on their Facebook page. There’s a playable demo available now and a short trailer. Copyright holders usually don’t approve of unauthorized remakes, so try this one out while you can.

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