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Final Fantasy Portal Brings Triple Triad to Smartphones Everywhere


Final Fantasy Portal Brings Triple Triad to Smartphones Everywhere

Triple Triad in my pocket? Goodbye productivity.

Square Enix has kept a tight lip on any further information regarding their Final Fantasy Portal app for smartphones since they revealed it during their E3 press conference two months ago. The app will serve as Square Enix’s ultimate hub for all things related to Final Fantasy, and suddenly went live today for both iOS and Android devices without any warning. That’s not all; the app comes with a couple welcome surprises.

First off, Final Fantasy Portal brings with it an exclusive in-app game: the beloved card game from Final Fantasy VIII, Triple Triad. Currently there are nearly 400 cards to collect, featuring images of characters from the first Final Fantasy all the way through to Final Fantasy XIV, and even including Final Fantasy Type-0. The rules are the same as always, and the game even features the classic Triple Triad music straight from Final Fantasy VIII.

In addition, Square Enix has a special promotion going to celebrate the launch of the app. From now until Aug. 31 anyone who downloads Final Fantasy Portal will be able to download the in-app version of the game that without which there would be no need for a portal application, Final Fantasy. From Sept. 1 the game will be back up to full price, and if you delete the game from your system you cannot obtain it again for free.


It is worth noting that Triple Triad and Final Fantasy are both in-app games, and not separate apps themselves. You can only access them through Final Fantasy Portal.

Now excuse me while I waste my life away playing the most addictive card game in the world, everywhere I go.

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