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Bethesda Infographic Shows Nearly 82 Million Babies Were Born in Fallout Shelter


Bethesda Infographic Shows Nearly 82 Million Babies Were Born in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter-play statisticians, rejoice! Bethesda’s looking out for you.

Statisticians, rejoice! Bethesda Softwork’s “Beth Blog” informs us of the litany of Fallout Shelter stats combined from months of play for Apple users and the days’ worth from Android users. So far, the free-to-play Vault management game erected over 85 million vaults since the June 14th reveal and release. Of course, players can create multiple vaults with one account.

Additionally, on the more deadly side of things, dweller deaths in the Wasteland stand close to 21 million across the board. That’s a number three times smaller than the dwellers exploring the Wasteland (64 million). In essence, 1/3 of your dwellers sent out to scavenge supplies will die. What we don’t see is the amount of times caps were used to revive the deceased. Thankfully, the living quarters made up for the deaths with almost 82 million babies birthed. The infographic notes the amount of children presented here would require 1.5 billion ounces of formula daily.

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The lovely and charming set of stats reminds us of the frequency and commonality of the misfortune. Heck, 119 million fires started from everyone shows we truly are flawed creatures. Add on the the current advertising push on Tinder, Fallout Shelter could also see a skyrocketed jump in pregnancies. Like the saying goes “We’re only human.”

Ok, be honest, how many times did you have to hit the refresh (See: delete) button and start life anew as a Vault Overseer?

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