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Fallout Hits up Tinder in Bethesda’s New #DateADweller Campaign


Fallout Hits up Tinder in Bethesda’s New #DateADweller Campaign


Don’t be surprised if you come across Fallout‘s Vault Boy on Tinder this week. In a new promotion for their hit mobile game Fallout Shelter, Bethesda sent their shiny-eyed mascot out onto the social platform in search of his perfect match.

Fallout‘s official Twitter account is in on the action as well, cheerfully advertising the new #DateADweller campaign with images from the Tinder profile and some casual vault dating tips.

What do we have here? 10/10 would swipe right

The profile lists some of Vault Boy’s favorite activities: putting out fires, taking coffee breaks, exploring the blasted wasteland. He’s just your average post-apocalyptic guy looking for that special someone. As long as that special someone loyally obeys the overseer without question.

Swipe right on Vault Boy, and you’ll be greeted with a link to the Fallout Shelter app store page and an invitation to become overseer of your very own Vault-Tec vault. Not a great opening line, Vault Boy, but good effort.

You can check out the full Tinder profile in this handy imgur collection.

Full profile description
The #DateADweller promotion comes right on the heels of last week’s release of Fallout Shelter for Android devices. Android users now have access to the popular title, only a couple of agonizing months after its June iOS release.

This isn’t Fallout‘s only unexpected appearance as of late. Leaked Gamescom footage of Fallout 4 recently surfaced from the depths of Pornhub. Not too long before that, Pornhub proved to be a veritable chat forum for Fallout fans.

Have you encountered Vault Boy on Tinder yet? Did you find a match made in rad-heaven? Let us know in the comments below.

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