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Star Citizen Ex-Backer Threatens Legal Action Against Cloud Imperium Games


Star Citizen Ex-Backer Threatens Legal Action Against Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium Games may soon be looking at a lawsuit.

Derek Smart, an ex-backer of Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen has announced on his personal blog that his lawyers have sent the company a “demand letter”, which insists that Cloud Imperium Games reveal a release date for the game. The letter also demands a “complete forensic accounting” to find out what they’re actually doing with all the Kickstarter funds.

In a very lengthy explanation on his personal blog, Smart explained what will happen if Cloud Imperium Games doesn’t respond to his lawyers “demand letter”:

“As all previous calls for accountability have failed, we don’t expect RSI [Roberts Space Industries] to co-operate (hence the need to contact the Federal authorities), with us. Which means that the next steps, depending on how they respond to the letter, would be for a class-action lawsuit (already in various stages of preparation), to move forward and be immediately filed. And through that, we’re going to subpoena and depose every single key person, while asking for specific documents during discovery which will hopefully shed a light on what is going on. They will ask for protective orders, try to delay and drag things out etc. We will fight it every step of the way and my guess is that with the Federal authorities involved, it may get resolved even before it gets to trial; and then we’ll have answers either way.”

“And if they do fight this, they’re going to do it with your money, simply because they don’t believe that you—the backers—are entitled to accountability. If they had nothing to hide, resolving this matter should be very straightforward,”

“Sadly, I feel that this is the only way that we are going to get the answers that we are entitled to, before this whole thing collapses and makes it more difficult to sift through; especially where spoliation of material evidence becomes an issue. Not to mention the fact that they have studios outside of North America, which will make things even more difficult to sift through.”

On his blog, Derek Smart also gave advice to Star Citizen players who want to get a refund and also explains how they can take part in the lawsuit if it goes through.

While Derek Smart may be vocal about his criticisms over both Star Citizen and Cloud Imperium Games, it didn’t start off like this. According to PC Gamer, Derek Smart actually backed the game when it was on Kickstarter at the $250 tier. However, the company would later refund him his money without asking because a CIG rep said that “It was obvious he was not a supporter of our project and was just using our visibility as a platform to gain attention and promote his current game and his past games.”

At the time of writing, Star Citizen has raised a little under $88 million in crowd funding. Back in July, Star Citizen’s creator responded to criticisms that the game had too many features by saying:

“There are people out there who are going to tell you that… it’s ‘feature creep’ and we should make a smaller, less progressive game for the sake of having it out more quickly or in order to meet artificial deadlines. Now I’ll answer those claims in one word: Bull****!””

So what do you think of Derek Smart and his possible lawsuit of Star Citizen? Let us know in the comments below.

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