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Everything We Know About Dark Souls III so Far


Everything We Know About Dark Souls III so Far

Ritualistic sacrifices? Yum.


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If the trailers from E3 and Gamescom, and the word of Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, are anything to go by, the main theme of Dark Souls III is probably going to be fire, or anything else that has to do with flames and burning. It’s rather unsurprising, really, considering the fact that the bonfires have always played an integral part of the Dark Souls games.

In this third installment, however, players will be facing these giant beings called the Lords of Cinder. These Lords will take on the form of huge bosses and players will have to defeat them throughout the course of the game. Now, any Dark Souls fan might automatically assume that the Lord of Cinder we saw in the trailer might have been Gwyn, the final boss from the first game. After all, he even has the title ‘Lord of Cinder’ in his name. However, it should also be noted that a Lord of Cinder refers to anyone who has linked the flame, so it’s entirely possible that the story in Dark Souls III may revolve around the consequences of the character’s actions in the first game.

Considering that the Souls games have usually dealt with concepts like endless cycles and repetition, it seems plausible to think that we’ll be contending with the repercussions of the curse bearer’s actions in the past.

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