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You Can Beat Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture in Under 5 Minutes… Without the Run Button


You Can Beat Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture in Under 5 Minutes… Without the Run Button

Gone in 294 seconds…

It’s known The Chinese Room’s Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture excites the gaming community with another beautiful environment to explore and an introspective world spoken through narration. A major complaint in many reviews, such as Twinfinite’s, notes the snail-esque slog of walking. Worse, it took 21 seconds for Jared Petty of Ign to walk to the other side of the road.

And yet a five-minute speed run is entirely possible despite typical completion lists it over five hours. Youtube channel UBAproductionz solves this quandary the only way you can in under five minutes: a glitch. The channel explains the process and parameters of the speed run.

“I believe we get it under 4:54, and that is a world record. And it’s actually using a glitch that we found just recently in the game. Now, this is the fastest time to beat the game, and we will give a proper turtorial on how to do the glitch later, but this video will just show you our speedrun of beating the game, and that’s basically it.

There’s going to be a timer; and it starts at when the first dialogue for the game starts. It ends when the credits roll.”

Right as your playability starts, spin right around to the house toward the fence you can’t jump over. You walk along the fence and slowly turn to the right and ascend the glitch-y invisible stairs over the fence. There you have it. The world suddenly and sharply turns to night as you walk up the street to finish. If it’s not clear enough for posting a speed run video, spoilers ahoy!

It’s not as organic or quick as the similar “Walk-em-up” of Gone Home, though credit where credit’s due. Nice find, UBA productionz. In case you’re confused by the ending, with or without playing the game, you should read what the string of coded numbers mean here.

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