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Even Pornhub is Getting Fired Up for Fallout 4

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Even Pornhub is Getting Fired Up for Fallout 4

War and porn, the two things that never change.

The hype for Fallout 4 is real. We’re a little over three months away from having the long awaited sequel in our hands, and the wait is just torture. When you read about the mods, the voices, or even rewatch that trailer, the hype just builds and builds, and nearly everyone is waiting to have the game in their hands. Pornhub’s no stranger to video games this past year, and even they can’t deny their hype for it:

Better question: why wouldn’t you be talking about Fallout 4 on Pornhub? And with the president of the United States, no less? This country was founded on freedom, Fallout 4, and porn. MURRICA, FUCK YEAH!

Fallout 4 leaves the Vault and hits stores on November 10. Probably without any porn, but who knows.

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