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ELSWORD Online’s Demon Duo to Get a Second Job Class Soon


ELSWORD Online’s Demon Duo to Get a Second Job Class Soon

ELSWORD Online’s duo is getting an upgrade.

ELSWORD Online developers KOG Studios has announced that they will be releasing the second Job Class for ELSWORD Online‘s Luciel on Aug 12.

Starting with Lu, her second job class will see her finally regaining her rule over demons with the Noblesse class. As the Noblesse, Lu will be able to use her new powers to take full control over her enemies and make them fight for her. That’s not to say that she will be powerless by herself, though, because she’ll also be able to attack her enemies at close range thanks to her new ability to freely expand her claws.


Ciel’s second job, on the other hand, sees him better embrace his demon side with the Dreadlord class. As a Dreadlord, Ciel will be able to use the Creeping Terror with a number of new abilities. Along with these new abilities, Dreadlord class Ciel will be a bigger threat in battle thanks to his ability to change his attack styles more often.

On Aug 12, Luciel players will be able to upgrade into their second job class once they complete the new job class quests. Luciel will have to be at least level 35 in order to take part in these new quests.

So what’s your opinion on Luciel’s second job class? Let us know in the comments below.

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