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EA Creative Director Advises Fans to Avoid Buggy Madden 16 CFM Until Patch


EA Creative Director Advises Fans to Avoid Buggy Madden 16 CFM Until Patch

CFM fans beware.

Madden NFL 16’s Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) is dealing with immersion killing bugs that have made their way from the early access and through to its launch. Unfortunately, a day one patch wasn’t possible and these bugs are still currently actively sabotaging the mode’s realism. Players such as Tim Tebow have over-inflated stats during games among other issues, and many are wondering if they should even bother touching it until it’s fixed. Well we have good news and bad news for Madden 16 fans.

The bad news is that EA creative director Kolbe Launchbaugh has confirmed that CFM fans should wait to start their CFM franchise/leagues. Launchbaugh said this while speaking to Game Changers Radio. The fixes require both client and server side changes, and he confirmed that there is no definitive timeline as to when these bugs will be able to be patched. Concluding the discussion with a definitive “you should definitely wait before starting your big leagues.”

If you don’t mind and want to start your CFM franchise anyway, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a patch would retroactively fix things for you either. Launchbaugh pointed out this out using issues with the rookie draft classes as an example as to how they wouldn’t be able to go back and fix things retroactively, saying: There’s no way for us to unsimulate and resimulate things. It just doesn’t work like that”. So play at your own risk.

As for the good news? Launchbaugh mentioned that since launch, pieces of the team have been working on Madden 16 24/7 and are aware of bugs that the community have discovered. Since launch, Launchbaugh has been responsive to tweets from concerned fans. There are times when glitches and bugs go weeks unattended to, before even getting a confirmation from developers. So at least these issues are on EA Sports’ radar. A couple of weeks is a safe bet, but hopefully for Madden 16 fans, it will be sooner than that.

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