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Double Fine Reveals Headlander, A Body-Swapping Metroidvania


Double Fine Reveals Headlander, A Body-Swapping Metroidvania

This is one to lose your head over.

On the surface, Headlander is a Metroidvania by Double Fine, where the player explores the 2D environment gaining new powers. But Double Fine rarely settles for a traditional experience, and the announcement trailer proves this. You are the head in Headlander, and your power is swapping bodies.

According to the description in this trailer, the main character is the last known human in the universe who has lost their entire body in an unexplained incident. They must navigate a world of hostile robots by moving their jet-propelled head from body to body, solving puzzles and attempting to change humanity’s fate.

A preview on Polygon outlines some of the game’s combat and puzzle premises. Players will utilize angled laser shots for combat and puzzles. This could involve concepts like bouncing lasers off walls to hit enemies behind cover, or guiding light to a goal to unlock doors.

Headlander launches on consoles and PC in 2016.

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