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Dota 2: Fall Major Championship is Heading to Europe


Dota 2: Fall Major Championship is Heading to Europe

Dota 2: Fall Major Championship is coming to Europe.

In an interview with IGN, Valve’s Erik Johnson has confirmed that the Dota 2: Fall Major Championship will be heading to Europe this year. Unfortunately, he did not say where exactly the Fall Major Championship will take place because “some things may change.”

While Johnson said that “We’re excited about the Majors because it’ll be a really healthy thing for the competitive scene,” he also added that Valve won’t be as involved with the Majors as they were with the International, as they recently announced that they will be relying on “external partners”.

For the Dota 2: Fall Major Championship Erik Johnson said that:

“Expect it to be a super cool event with all the best teams in the world, same as The International. But don’t expect there to be four Internationals a year. It doesn’t seem totally sustainable. We do love this, though. We really do.”

At the moment, Valve is holding The International Dota 2 Tournament in the Seattle Center until Aug 8. Teams are competing for a first place prize of $6,501,131 and fans can watch it live through Steam Broadcasting, YouTube, Twitch, and on WatchESPN. Players who are either new to Dota 2 or are looking to get into it will also want to check out the Newcomer Show which will feature special commentary to ease newcomers into the game.

So are you excited for the Dota 2: Fall Major Championship in Europe later this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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