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Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Reinvents the Game With Tons of New Island Mechanics


Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Reinvents the Game With Tons of New Island Mechanics

You’re still gonna starve, only this time it will be on a boat.

Don’t Starve was quite the interesting game when it was first released back in spring of 2013. Here was a game with a hand-drawn art style, some eerie music, and a whole lot of brutal living conditions. No information other than basic mechanics, and a creeping dark entity (along with a bit of magical interference) helped to create one of the most captivating survival experiences available in recent years.

Klei Entertainment eventually followed that hit with a an expansion and even a co-op experience. But fans want more. There’s just something about Wilson and his wild hair that makes players want to attempt to survive in harsh living conditions. Don’t Starve was built around that very notion, and they’ve managed to keep that feeling alive while making the game something truly new.

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked sees Klei Entertainment team up with Capy (Super Time ForceBelow) in order to deliver a new location that adds a ton of new mechanics to the Don’t Starve that fans know and love.

Wilson and friends (along with four new characters) must now brave the harsh environs of a tropical world. While there are plenty of familiar threats and resources, the new location allowed the developers to add in some nifty new nightmares that expand the gameplay in interesting (and delightfully deadly) ways.

For instance, water is now a major component of the game world. You will be able to craft vehicles (rafts, row boats, sail boats, and more) to cross large bodies of water, harvest new materials, and expand your map. But these waters don’t only serve as roads in Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, they are complete with their very own special types of threats, and your boat becomes an extension of you.

Boats have their own health, can include storage, and even have their own physics and perks. Using waves to your advantage can be a viable option for quickly navigating the harsh waters, but one small slip up and it could spell disaster for Don’t Starve‘s latest nautical captain.

Of course, the introduction of boats and seas wouldn’t be enough to drive the point home of a tropical nightmare. To further establish the major difference between this new world, and the one which Don’t Starve fans are used to, seasons have received an overhaul, as well.

Monsoons, hurricanes, sweltering summers and more add new dynamic challenges and threats to the gameplay. Gusts of wind will knock down trees, uproot plants, and blow resources across the screen. Trying to move against the wind will slow the player down significantly while walking, and make sailing incredibly difficult. Watching out for the slippery gauge is of an even higher importance this time around, as well.

Water can be a player’s savior or that person’s very ruin. Crashing into waves will damage your ship if you hit them the wrong way, and getting wet has the potential to render tools and weapons useless if the percentage of that gauge reaches a high enough point.

Also, being out on the open sea is a scary thing, so much so that the player’s sanity will be on a constant decline (even more so than usual). There are a few items that can mitigate the decline. That’s not to mention the new monstrosities that lurk just beneath the surface.

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked doesn’t just throw new threats at you, there are also new items to create (like the aforementioned boats), that include new weapons such as the blow pipe (a powerful ranged weapon). New armors, structures, and more await players.

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked is shaping up to be something special that is much more than just a few additions. It is a great experience that will test the wits of players as it mercilessly doles out the harsh punishments of nature. It is worthy of the Don’t Starve name and opens up a new avenue of challenge and possibility for players.

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