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Disney Infinity Exceeds Disney’s Expectations with 50% of Players Female


Disney Infinity Exceeds Disney’s Expectations with 50% of Players Female

Star Wars and Disney are a great match.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, John Vignocchi informs of the few of the design decisions that went into producing Disney Infinity 3.0 and including Star Wars. Vignocchi notes the inclusion to add Ahsoka, the female Jedi lead of the cartoon “Star Wars Rebels,” was driven to facilitate an expected 30% makeup of female players. What the Vice President of Production at Disney Infinity and company didn’t expect was a much more equal gender breakdown. “With Disney’s IP treasure chest of powerful and strong female characters, we actually are seeing a split with Infinity that’s more 50% boys and 50% girls,” Vignocchi said.

Vignocchi also states the original intent was solely on “The Force Awakens,” otherwise known as Star Wars Episode VII at the time. First pitching the idea, Avalanche Studios and the rest of the Infinity team mirrored the iconic Jedi mind trick and said to their bosses “You will do all content across the ‘Star Wars’ saga.” As you would expect, the force was strong with this one and allowed more characters join in.


The Infinity team wanted to expand on the film legacy of Star Wars taking characters that resonated with all. Much like Disney, the Infinity team wanted to appeal to every Star Wars fan. “We need to do all of the characters because ‘Star Wars’ is this multigenerational [sic] brand that appeals to [people ages] 6 to 60 in a very Disney-like way.” As mentioned earlier, the multi-generational appeal isn’t the only diverse aspect of Disney Infinity. It’s nice to see some positive news about gender in video games. What would be another series with a 50-50 gender breakdown?

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