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Destiny: The Taken King’s Customization Lets Players Be Who They Want


Destiny: The Taken King’s Customization Lets Players Be Who They Want

Be unique.

When it was first released, Destiny was a pretty hard game to define. Was it an MMO? Was it some other type of multiplayer RPG? Could it be classified as solely a First Person Shooter? With the blending of genres that arose during the last generation of consoles, you couldn’t just pin a game down and have it fit that mold perfectly.

For many, Destiny was great due to its RPG elements, although they were relegated to a heavy RNG system and minimal freedom in how players built their guardians. This is something that the developers have noticed and look to rectify with the release of Destiny: The Taken King next month.

The first step took place in House of Wolves with the ability to ascend any legendaries to the newest light limit. This meant not everyone had to stand in the Tower (or Reef) wearing Crota’s End gear in order to hit that max level of 34. But The Taken King will take it a bit further.

The Taken King

In Destiny: The Taken King, your guardian’s level is no longer tied to its gear. Instead, experience can be earned through all activities just as it was in vanilla Destiny on the road to level 20. That doesn’t mean that gear is useless now, it will dictate your guardian’s power level in The Taken King. You may think that this means players will still end up relying on the same gear to hit that same power level, but the developers have added a few extra elements to armor to make things interesting.

Legendary armor has always carried more perks than lesser armor with abilities ranging from more of a certain ammo type to increased drops of resources, but it’s always been Exotic Armor that really helped mold a guardian. With perks that help boost a specific subclass and help empower a guardian’s play style, they limited options when it came down to armoring up before a challenging activity.

That is no longer the case in Destiny‘s upcoming expansion, The Taken King. Legendary armors now have even more perks to help players fine tune their load out. It isn’t just a game about obtaining the strongest armor anymore, because strongest armor no longer exists. Instead, each piece has new perks, such as resistance to a specific burn or class bonuses that help make a guardian’s subclass of choice much more potent.

This not only provides flexibility when it comes down to building a guardian, it also adds strategy for endgame challenges. For instance, let’s say the Nightfall Strike has a solar burn, why not don some armor that increases the charge rate of all Sunsinger abilities while also reducing incoming solar damage? This makes it so there isn’t just one must-have set of armor per class, there are now endless configurations.

the taken king

Making this all easy to understand is the way that your stats are now presented to you in The Taken King. Instead of just numbers and an indecipherable bar under your Discipline, Intellect, and Strength, you will now have a clear cut indicator of your perks and just how long your cooldowns are. This will make it easier to see how your build is balanced, and help you in making things perfect in The Taken King.

This freedom and flexibility now applies to weapons, as well. While guardians still don’t have direct customization of their weapons outside of the specified perks and attachments that come along with each one, they now have the option to add longevity to legendary weapons in Destiny: The Taken King. This comes in the form of Infusion.

Infusion allows a player to power up a legendary weapon by feeding it stronger weapons. That may sound like a silly thing to do, but what if you found your perfect weapon? Great accuracy, sizable magazine, amazing perks, and the perfect burn. What if you found that weapon at the beginning of The Taken King? Afterwards, you would come across weapons with much higher damage stats in order to deal with tougher threats. Unfortunately, there is no telling when one of these stronger weapons will have the same perk set as your perfect gun.

The Infusion mechanic makes it so that you never have to wonder when you’ll find a stronger version of your weapon, as you can now just make it yourself. This new sacrifice system adds a whole new sense of commitment to weapon collecting and it’s a thing of wonder.

destiny the taken king

Bungie has also taken into account how you may want to view your guardian and how you may want to show that guardian off to others. Destiny: The Taken King will allow players to view their guardian’s face in the inspection screen since the game is about that character and not just a suit of armor. Also, players will now have the option of what weapon they show off in social spaces. Want to show that Gjallarhorn off to all of the newcomers? Or perhaps one of the cool looking weapons from Variks will fit your style a bit better? Either way, you get to flaunt your prized possession in front of the newbies now.

It’s amazing to see just how much Destiny is about to change in just a few short weeks. The fact that they are beginning to embrace player choice with The Taken King in terms of customization and molding how individuals play. There are still more things that can be done to fully embrace the RPG side of things and add some extra play to the game, but they are definitely on the right track so far with The Taken King.

How do you feel about these changes? Excited to fill up your vault with tons of new armor to switch between? Looking forward to being truly unique? Let us know in the comments below.


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