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Destiny The Taken King Tips: 5 Things You Should Do Before the New Changes


Destiny The Taken King Tips: 5 Things You Should Do Before the New Changes

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Collect and Level Up Exotics

While there have been many changes to Destiny throughout the various patches and two DLCs, one element of the game that has remained relatively constant is the role and function of exotic weapons within the game. While some exotics have been subject to individual nerfs in Destiny’s new Weapon Tuning 2.0 Patch that takes effect with the release of The Taken King, exotics as a whole have not lost their value.

As far as we know, year one exotics will carry over to year two and will be able to be upgraded to keep up with The Taken King’s new standards. When the The Taken King releases, there will be a myriad of new exotics released along with it. In the meantime, if you have any exotics, you might want to level them up. And if you don’t have many or want more, then continue to run through nightfall missions, play through the weekly heroic on the hardest difficulty to earn strange coins to buy exotics from Xur, and save up your motes of light so that you can trade them in to Xur for exotic engrams.

However, if you’re having trouble acquiring a specific exotic, don’t fret too much about it. In Destiny’s The Taken King, there is a new loot system that takes the exotics you already have in your inventory into account in drops to reduce duplicates and facilitate collection of pieces that players are still trying to acquire.

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