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The Taken King Will Streamline Destiny’s Currencies and Materials


The Taken King Will Streamline Destiny’s Currencies and Materials

Less stuff, more inventory space.

Destiny’s upcoming expansion, The Taken King, will be streamlining many aspects of Destiny’s current economy. Specifically all the currencies and upgrade materials that are bogging down many player’s inventories will be streamlined.

The Taken King is Game Informer’s cover story this month and in it, Bungie finally opened up on some of the nitty gritty specifics of The Taken King. First off, Vanguard and Crucible marks are out. Instead, you’ll earn one unified currency, Legendary Marks, from both Crucible and co-op activities such as strikes. Not a huge deal if you were a fan of both but for players that preferred one of the other, this is big change. No more being forced to grind unwanted PvP matches or strikes just to get the currency and reputation you needed.

Also, armor materials such as Sapphire Wire, Hadronic Essences and Plasteel Plating will be combined into one generic armor equipment material. Helpful for players that spend more time on one class than their others. I personally find myself grinding for armor material for my Hunter and Warlock while my Titan has over 500 Plasteel Plating. Quite the helpful change indeed.

These changes combined with the phasing out of Radiant materials which took place in House of Wolves means Guardian inventories will finally start freeing up a bit. Destiny: The Taken King will be release on Sept. 15 for all currently supported platforms.

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