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Destiny: The Taken King Bounties Are More Considerate of Players’ Time


Destiny: The Taken King Bounties Are More Considerate of Players’ Time

I don’t want you coming here. And wasting all my time.

In Destiny, one of the fastest ways to earn the experience required to level up your guardian, weapons, and armor is by completing bounties. But while bounties are no doubt efficient in terms of experience, one complaint about Destiny’s bounty system is that it often requires players to travel to specific planets or missions that otherwise serve no purpose or attraction.

Bungie doesn’t want the bounties to feel as though they’re a nuisance to Destiny’s gameplay. Bounties are meant to be fun and motivating, giving players additional goals to focus upon during the content that they already would have been playing.

Another annoying time waster that is currently inherent in bounties is needing to travel back and forth between missions or PVP and the Tower in order to cash in old bounties and pick up new ones. Considering the lengthy loading times between ship travels in Destiny, this is no minor inconvenience.

However, all of this is changing in Destiny: The Taken King. Maintaining their spectacular reputation for being responsive to community feedback, Bungie has altered the bounty system in a way that is drastically more considerate of the time that players put into the game.

Bounties TTK

One of these changes is that you can now carry up to 16 bounties, making it so that you no longer need to return to the Tower as frequently to collect more of them. Another change is that you can cash in the bounties from anywhere that you are without having to go back to the Tower at all. And, when you’re on a mission, you can now track your bounties and see your progress by entering the ghost’s nav mode instead of going all the way back into the character screen.

Leveling up your weapons should no longer feel as though it’s a chore unto itself, but rather, the bounties will be seamlessly integrated for ultimate convenience. This means the “go to this planet and kill this guy” bounties should be phasing out as they are replaced with bounties that focus on things like getting kills with a certain type of gun that can be performed throughout various missions and game modes.

The last change to bounties is specifically in the PVP sector. Previously, PVP was a place primarily to compete against other guardians while earning experience with the extremely rare chance of getting an exotic weapon drop and the slightly less rare chance of getting a legendary weapon drop. Bungie wants to change that by giving PVP intensive players the chances to earn the same type of PVE rewards a player would earn in a nightfall without having to actually play any PVE content. This allows PVP players to spend their time in Destiny: The Taken King doing what they love without making any major sacrifices.

Overall, these changes to the bounty system should make it feel more rewarding for players. Veteran players should feel relieved and those new to the franchise should be happy to see the game headed in this direction. Bungie realizes how much time people pour into Destiny and they don’t want any of it to be an annoyance. In Destiny: The Taken King, Bungie plans on delivering an experience that will be fun and enjoyable the whole way through, at every point and pivot.

What do you think of these new changes that Bungie is making to bounties in Destiny: The Taken King? Do you feel grateful for the effort they’re making on behalf of their players? Don’t care? Or maybe think this still isn’t enough to satisfy you? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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