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Dark Souls Fanatic Bearzly Beats the Game Using Only His Voice


Dark Souls Fanatic Bearzly Beats the Game Using Only His Voice

30 hours and 485 deaths later.

Time to feel bad about your gaming skills again because after beating the infamously difficult Dark Souls with a Rock Band guitar, a drum controller, and a pair of Donkey Kong Bongos, Dark Souls fanatic Bearzly has now beaten the game using only a microphone.

In order to do this quite frankly insane run, Bearzly revealed on Reddit that he used a program called VoiceAttack which translates voice commands into keyboard controls. For example in order to strafe to the left, he would have to say “Strafe Left.” Unfortunately for Bearzly, this program has a 1.5-second latency and, according to him, “commands couldn’t be chained together quickly.”

In total he believes that he died 485 times over the 30 hour playthrough and out of the 485 times, Ornstein and Smough killed him 111 times “I considered giving up and summoning Solaire a few times, but in the end I persisted and won the fight solo,” said Bearzly of the highly difficult encounter. You can check out highlights of this run on either his YouTube or Twitch account.

In the end this run took him twice as long as his previous “worst run,” and while he doesn’t believe that anyone can think of anything more insane than playing Dark Souls with a microphone, he is open to suggestions.

So what’s your opinion on Bearzly’s latest run and do you have any ideas for insane runs yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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