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Dark Souls 3 Details Revealed by Hidetaka Miyazaki


Dark Souls 3 Details Revealed by Hidetaka Miyazaki

Prepare to die (again)

Dark Souls 3 was originally announced at E3 earlier this year with a short but awesome trailer. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long to see more of Dark Souls 3, as a gameplay trailer was shown at Gamescom last week.

If you still want more details, then you’re in luck. From Software President Hidetaka Miyazaki sat down with Polygon and revealed some new details about the upcoming game, including boss fights and the new Battle Arts system.

“While working on Bloodborne, I started to realize what new things I should bring to Dark Souls 3, which has different characteristics, to allow players to have a viable range of tactical options and character build options,” said Miyazaki. “Obviously, in Dark Souls, the player is allowed to use items, magic and more.

“However, as additional elements — as an evolution — I’ve added the Battle Arts to each weapon. Something similar will be added to spells in the game, and those definitely provide something new to Dark Souls 3. Those will maintain the basics, but bring something new to Dark Souls 3, that will definitely solidly polish the Dark Souls franchise, while remaining a Dark Souls game.”

The Battle Arts feature will have a great impact on the game and boss fights have been designed with the Battle Arts system in mind.

“It will drastically change the gameplay; it’s not a minor thing,” he said. “Battle Arts allow a player to have a wide range of tactical options. Even if players are defeated [by a boss], having Battle Arts will motivate players to try the same scene again, but using Battle Arts.”

The Dark Souls games are well known for their epic boss fights and it looks like Dark Souls 3 will be no exception.

“One of the elements I want to bring to boss character design is contradiction,” Miyazaki said. “We have the Dancer of the Frigid Valley; she is definitely a formidable enemy, but at the same time players sense not only that it’s scary, but [that] there’s a sense of sadness. Contradicting elements — that’s something I want to bring to boss character design, not just fearful enemies but something more that can be sensed from each boss character.”

It was revealed that boss fights are being designed to be even more intense than previous games. Your foes will often change their attack style halfway through a fight, forcing you to adapt and adjust your strategy.

When asked about how hard Dark Souls 3 will be, Miyazaki said that he believes a Souls game just doesn’t work without difficulty. However, Miyazaki doesn’t believe in making the Souls games hard just for the sake of difficulty. He believes in giving players an obstacle to overcome, but doesn’t intend for the game to be impossible.

The cryptic, less-is-more style of story telling will also be present in the new game. Players will have to piece together clues in order to connect the story together. However, Dark Souls 3 will be set in an entirely new location to previous games.

When asked what he intended to do to surprise the millions of Souls fans out there with his new game, Miyazaki said: “I definitely want to do something fresh [for Dark Souls 3] and I’m still working on it,” he said. “I cannot go into details about it yet.”

[Source: Polygon]

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