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This Mobile Game Punishes Pirates with Daft Punk


This Mobile Game Punishes Pirates with Daft Punk

Get unlucky.

Mobile game company Noodlecake Studios have issues with piracy of their games. According to their latest blog post, 89 percent of Android users pirated 2014’s Wayward SoulsTo attempt to reverse this trend, they released a free version of Shooting Stars containing a brutal boss encounter with the funkiest robots around, Daft Punk.

In their newest blog post, Noodlecake admits that paid games on mobile are becoming much more difficult to sell, as the core base of consumers prefers free games or illegal downloads. As a way to market the game, they released a version of it on torrent sites with an unbeatable boss fight programmed in.

Not unlike Game Dev Tycoon, we modified the game so that once players hit boss 3, they are confronted with “Daft Premium”, a new boss wave not found in the retailer version. Firstly players must defeat a wave of bosses that have an obscene amount of health. If they do manage to defeat them, then the final boss approaches who has unlimited health. Once players die they are encouraged to check out the full version of the game and help the developers out by purchasing the retail copy.

The blog shows a short preview of the boss fight, with the Daft Punk-inspired boss claiming to defeat the player for their cash. An inevitable loss to Daft Premium shows a unique failure screen that encourages players to buy the game to support indie developers.

The problem with piracy in mobile games might not be solved by these methods, but this does work as a unique marketing method to promote Shooting Stars.

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