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Chvrches Plays Paramore’s “Ignorance” on Rock Band 4 at Gamescom


Chvrches Plays Paramore’s “Ignorance” on Rock Band 4 at Gamescom

It’ll be hard to “Get Away” from this cover, let alone “Recover” from their previous work. Ok, that’s enough puns; now I’ll leave…a trace!

It’s no secret the Scottish synthpop band Chvrches provides some excellent covers. From Artic Monkeys, Janelle Monae, Justin Timberlake, Lorde, Whitney Houston, the list goes on. What’s becoming more and more well-known is their nerdier sensibilities spilling out. Done by their own accord through modest social media and video posts, we see the band putting their own twist on the Game of Thrones Theme briefly, celebrating Star Wars day, playing a Vita on the tour bus, and causally talking about playing Destiny on twitter. And now we can factor in Rock Band 4 in the mix.

Recently, Harmonix managed to wrangle the trio into their Gamescom booth for a quick Rock Band 4 demonstration of Paramore’s “Ignorance.” It went as you would expect: Martin and Iain on guitar and bass, and Lauren’s sweet vocals provided a unique twist as the surrounding crowd cheered.

The band’s three members all curate and post his or her own posts on official Chvrches social media and his or her own accounts, so it’s not that hard to see the adorable group tweet out geeky things. Clearly we’re all starting to see additional fun activities with the group and more to come likely.

Chvrches publishes their second album of Every Eye Open on September 25th. Two weeks later, Rock Band 4 releases October 6th on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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