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Choose Who Dies in Until Dawn’s Interactive Trailer


Choose Who Dies in Until Dawn’s Interactive Trailer

Don’t go in there, dummy!

Until Dawn is a game about choices. Well, it’s more of a game about who’s gonna die first and how, but you’re free to choose how long they can survive (or not). It’ll be the world’s first interactive horror movie, and you’ll have only yourself to blame if the girl goes in there when you shouted “DON’T GO IN THERE, STUPID!”. You can expect a lot of blood. A. Lot.

To demonstrate some of the choices you’ll be making that’ll lead to bloody teen death, Sony’s put out a new trailer where you can choose how it progresses. It’s actually pretty cool, and some people will get a kick out of multiple runs.

Until Dawn hits the PlayStation 4 next Tuesday the 25. Who are you gonna let die first? Tell us in the comments below!

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