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Changes are Coming to Destiny’s Level and Loot Systems


Changes are Coming to Destiny’s Level and Loot Systems


Destiny: The Taken King expansion is coming with plenty of new stuff. Aside from the new location, weapons and enemies to fight, there’s new Supers for your Guardians, Nolan North, and now the leveling system will be new as well. Well, sort of.

Instead of the game’s Light system, which required players to gain special gear to level up past 20, a traditional level system will be put in place. You’ll be moving on up from level 1 to 40 (the new level cap from 30) by going on missions, killing enemies, and collecting bounties. Basically, they’ll be keeping the level system that players already have before they get to level 20. Creative director Luke Smith explained the reasoning behind it best:

“The conflation of gear and character level led to this place where your identity was determined by things outside of your control. We don’t want to do that.”

Destiny will also be getting a changed loot system as well. When determining a new drop, the game will do a better job to examine what gear and weapons players already have so they don’t end with copies or things they don’t need. Thank goodness.

Destiny: The Taken King hits stores on September 15.

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