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Capcom Plans Regional Street Fighter V Beta Tests


Capcom Plans Regional Street Fighter V Beta Tests

Server Fighter V.

This summer, the Street Fighter V beta launched and was quickly taken down due to major connectivity issues. The worldwide beta test is still postponed, but in the interim there will be region-specific tests in Europe, Asia, and North America.

A Capcom Unity blog has details on the future of the Street Fighter V beta.

When we are confident with the results from this test, we will share the dates and times for North America and Asia’s region specific tests, and once we have successfully completed each regional stress test, we will announce the dates and times of the official global beta test.

The global beta test will still take place for the previously promised 5 days of time, so the regional stress tests are just an added bonus.

Capcom also opened the Twitter account SFV Server that contains specific updates on when each regional beta test will be available, as well as specific updates on gameplay and connectivity.

These tests are meant to test internet connectivity within one region, but some players have been able to access the beta during stress tests regardless of their location.

How has your experience been with the beta been so far? Let us know in the comments.

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