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Call of Duty: Black Ops III, What’s New With Multiplayer?


Call of Duty: Black Ops III, What’s New With Multiplayer?

Let me run on this wall and shoot you with my lizard encrusted gun.

Mobility of the Gods (or at the very least, Titanfall)


As First Person Shooters become more and more advanced, new methods of movement are needed to keep the genre fresh. Call of Duty as a whole has evolved bit by bit over time, borrowing elements from other shooters. Smoother navigation of obstacles, double jumps, jet packs, power strafing, and more have found their way into recent franchise entries, and Black Ops III looks to combine it all for one insane experience.

Wall-running, multiple jumps (not just double), gliding, and more help to make Black Ops III the smoothest, freest game in the series thus far. And the game is being built around that fact if the levels available in the current beta are any sign. Each area now has many more points of entry than in previous games, and there are even pathways set over perilous obstacles. You can enter an enemy point from the front door, or take your chances running on the series of walls set over a treacherous cavern to sneak up from behind.

A nice touch is that you never really feel stuck, which was sometimes an issue in previous games. Getting caught climbing or in the air, wasn’t a very fun way to die. The speed and power provided to soldiers in Black Ops III makes everything quick and easy. Which means you get to feel like a deadly badass no matter where you may find yourself. 

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