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These Were The Best New Trailers of Gamescom 2015


These Were The Best New Trailers of Gamescom 2015

Let’s watch the best of the best.

Quantum Break – Gamescom 2015 Trailer

Everything We Learned About Quantum Break at Gamescom 2015

Let’s kick off our list of the best Gamescom 2015 trailers with one of the most eagerly awaited Xbox One exclusives, Quantum Break. And WOW, while we’ve seen time used as a gameplay mechanic before but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen it this heavily used. Quantum Break’s gameplay looks insane. Trust me at first you’ll be all 🙁 cause it just looks like another third-person shooter, but by the end you’ll have a smile on your face. There’s so much crazy time based mechanics weaved into battle. So much so that it seems like you’ll be spending more time freezing and speeding up time than not. Oh and there are others that can do this too, at least artificially. There was also an impressive gameplay walkthrough if you want to see more of Quantum Break’s gunplay.

Scalebound – Gamescom 2015 Trailer

Everything We Learned About Scalebound at Gamescom 2015

Finally, after a months of waiting, fans of Platinum Games and Xbox One exclusives got to see what Scalebound is all about. Apparently it’s a third person action RPG starring a guy from the modern world stuck in a place that is not the modern world and his dragon BFF. Sign me up! Also, coming as a surprise maybe to some, there is a co-op multiplayer as well. You’ll face off against massive enemies that apparently require four people and four massive-but-still-less-massive-than-the-boss dragons to take down.

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