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Be Warned: PSN Maintenance Is Scheduled For Next Week


Be Warned: PSN Maintenance Is Scheduled For Next Week

PSN maintenance is coming soon to a PS4 near you.

According to a moderator on the Playstation forum, there will be a scheduled PSN maintenance session next week:

We wanted to take a moment to inform you of a network maintenance, currently scheduled for Monday, August 17th, from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM Pacific Time. We expect this maintenance to last approximately 2 hours. Anyone who already has a PlayStationNetwork account can still sign in to their PlayStation™Network profile, play games, and use most applications while this maintenance is carried out.

You will not be able to access Account Management, PlayStation Video, or complete a purchase in the PlayStation Store during this maintenance.

We recommend activating your PS4 as your primary console before maintenance begins for the best experience. You will only need to do this once and will remain in effect for all future maintenances: How to activate your PS4 console as primary

If you don’t currently have your PS4 activated as your primary console, the Playstation Knowledge Center highlights how you might be missing out on some cool benefits:

  • Anyone who uses your Primary PS4™ system can enjoy applications you purchase from PlayStation®Store.
  • You can automatically download to the PS4 system content you pre-ordered, or content purchased on PlayStation®App.
  • You can connect to the PS4 system from a PS Vita system via the Internet using Remote Play.

While PSN maintenance can be frustrating, there’s not really much that we can do about it. The best response to PSN maintenance is to know when it’s coming so that you can make plans to do something other than play video games while it’s happening.

It only lasts about two hours so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a way to spend the time. To account for the sedentary lifestyle of the average gamer, maybe consider some physical activity or exercise. Either that or you can just watch a movie on Netlfix or something. Your call.

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