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5 Reasons Why the Mad Max Video Game Will Be Shiny and Chrome


5 Reasons Why the Mad Max Video Game Will Be Shiny and Chrome

MEDIOCRE!!!!!?! I think not.

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Welcome to Thunderdome!

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As demonstrated in all of the films, asides from being an expert mechanic, driver, and marksman – the Road Warrior is one tough brawler. We’ve seen his feats of strength, dexterity, and honed instincts facing against the likes of Blaster in the hallowed halls of Thunderdome in Barter Town.

The folks at Avalanche Studios are putting all the bells and whistles on the game’s utterly brutal and visceral melee fighting system – its depth, complexity, and variety being compared to the likes of the Arkham series. You can perform takedowns, grapples, and wrestle weapons away from your assailants & use it against them to give them exactly what they deserve. However skilled a fighter he may be, there are others who surpass him in skill and ferocity. Recall that in Mad Max: Fury Road, it literally took both the combined efforts of Max and Nux to take down Furiosa, with her having the upper hand for most of the fight. If martial prowess is what gets your feral, high octane, crazy blood pumping, the Thunderdome will be your hangout.

Not much information has been revealed about the role of Thunderdome asides from the brief in-game video revealed in the trailers. No doubt it will serve as a critical juncture to move ahead with key points of the main plot. One significant plot point yours truly would love to implement, as inspired by the Mad Max tie-in comics, is for Thunderdome to be place where you can enter routine gladiatorial matches to win vital resources (a large cache of guzzoline) or rare parts and upgrades for your ride – the Magnum Opus.

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