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5 Games That Rare Replay Definitely Needs to Include


5 Games That Rare Replay Definitely Needs to Include

I know you gave us 30, but can we get these five more, please?

Battletoads & Double Dragon

rare replay

Rare Replay already has 30 amazing titles in its roster when the game goes live on Aug. 4, but we can’t help wanting a few more. After all, Rare is responsible for some of the best video game experiences spanning 30 years of gaming. One of those came in the form of a crossover between Rare’s Battletoads and Technos Japan’s Double DragonBattletoads & Double Dragon managed to be a weird yet insanely fun side-scrolling brawler.

Players take control of one of five characters (Billy, Jimmy Lee, Zitz, Pimple, and Rash) as they fight against the combined forces of the Dark Queen and the Shadow Warriors. It is an interesting brawler that proved to be as challenging as the standalone Battletoads game. Players had to work together, because if one needed a continue both had to head back to the starting line. This meant no carrying friends across the front-lines. Ah, the ’90s, what a time to be a gamer.

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