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5 Crazy Ways the Military Utilizes Video Games Today


5 Crazy Ways the Military Utilizes Video Games Today

Consoles, drones, and tanks – what can’t your controller operate???

Boeing’s Laser Cannon Burns Up Drones Using an Xbox 360 Controller

boeing drone

With unmanned aerial systems becoming cheaper, more accessible to the general public, and their potential for nefarious or negligent use, there has been a growing demand for public and private companies to develop ever more effective means of drone countermeasures. A couple of days ago aerospace company Boeing public announced the latest and greatest in technology to counteract the potential threat of drones used for illicit and illegal means – straight out of Star Wars or any other futuristic sci-fi video game… freaking laser cannons!!! 

Following up on its oversized, truck mounted anti-UAS laser weapons platform, the High Energy Demonstrator, Boeing has just unveiled a more compact, portable version. The Compact Laser Weapons system is an anti-drone weapons platform that fits into four suitcase sized boxes and is able to be set up in mere minutes. On minimal settings, it can burn holes into any UAS plaform; when operating on full power, it can easily set an entire drone aflame. Last but not least – its targeting system uses a Xbox 360 controller.

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