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4 Crazy Interpretations of Classic Video Games You Never Thought of Before


4 Crazy Interpretations of Classic Video Games You Never Thought of Before

Tetris isn’t quite what you thought it was.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

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The year is 2880. During the Nuclear World War the Robotnik family became saviors of the animal kingdom, rounding up any critters they could find and encapsulating them in robotic shells to protect them from the harsh, toxic rays permeating the world. These robots could defend against any mutated attackers that weren’t lucky enough to be found by the Robotniks.

One such mutation is the hedgehog known throughout the slowly recovering wasteland as SONIC. A far cry from his species of days gone by, SONIC is approximately four times the size of a normal fully-grown hedgehog, and sports a vivid blue hue unlike anything scientists had seen before. Most interesting of all is SONIC’s ability to run at supersonic speeds, earning him his nickname.

Sonic the Hedgehog shakes up the side-scrolling platformer formula by putting the player in the role of the bitter antagonist SONIC, who is hell-bent on releasing the world’s animals back into the wild to become mutated deformities like he is, and make Dr. Robotnik suffer for not saving him like he had so many others.

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Zak is a Staff Writer for Twinfinite who will never stop campaigning for Pokémon Snap 2 until it has been made. He once played through a dozen Final Fantasy games in one year, and his knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is mildly concerning.

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