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3 Classic Horror Movies That Are Pretty Much Until Dawn


3 Classic Horror Movies That Are Pretty Much Until Dawn

You can pretty much watch Until Dawn.

Dead Snow

Until Dawn horror

Our list starts off with the rather odd, but incredibly cliché and corny Dead Snow. Released back in 2009, Dead Snow tells the story of a bunch of teens in a cabin that are attacked by Nazi zombies for stealing their gold. Here, check out the full summary:

A party of eight Norwegian medical students travel to a remote Arctic mountain for an Easter weekend filled with skiing and relaxation. After one of their group disappears while on a solo cross-country hike, amysterious local resident (Bjørn Sundquist) tells the remaining visitors that, in the waning days of World War II, a battalion of Nazi soldiers disappeared into the nearby woods after the residents turned on them, and that their zombified corpses remain on the prowl in the area.

This doesn’t need much more justification as to why it sums up Until Dawn but let’s just say that it’s incredibly B-rated. A lack of a budget leads to some rather horrific effects, the plot is pretty ludicrous and… well, Nazi zombies are your stereotypical villain, really.

When comparing this to the summary of Until Dawn, they do match up pretty well. We have eight teenage friends, a remote getaway and some cliché but still pretty creepy characters attempting to put our group’s lives to an end. The plots may waiver slightly but if you’re after a pretty corny experience to get you in the mood for Until Dawn, Dead Snow hits the nail on the head.

Dead Snow also has some nods to the next film on our list.

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