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12 of the Most Teenager Things to Happen in Until Dawn


12 of the Most Teenager Things to Happen in Until Dawn

Like, oh em gee.

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They Play a Terrible Prank on One of Their “Friends”

In the prologue, we see Hannah get tricked into thinking her longtime crush, Mike, wants to see her alone in one of the lodge’s rooms. She shows up, everyone pops out with cameras and laughter, and Hannah does what any normal person would do and gets the hell out of there. The ultimate teenager trope: being a terrible person. Ashley later on in the game says of this, “We made her look stupid in front of all her friends and the guy she liked. I can’t imagine doing something worse to somebody” Really? Nothing worse?

They’re Going to a Cabin in the Middle of Nowhere

These thirsty teens are so desperate to run away from the man, man. You know, parents just don’t understand, man. They’re so hellbent on getting away from their parents they think that going to a boring ass cabin in the middle of a mountain (with an abandoned asylum near it) is a great vacation. Only teens desperate to smash in peace would find it appealing to go to some abandoned location in the dead of winter.

There’s Only One That’s Cool and Reasonable

Sam is the only one of the group, besides Beth, that reprimanded them for their bullshittery in the prologue. She’s also the only one with redeeming qualities. She’s kind, likes music, is super into rock climbing, and doesn’t like the idea of messing around with a ouija board. She practically has, “I will survive this and you will not” written on her forehead.

But Even She Falls for the “Okay, Killer, I’m Gonna Take a Shower Now” Horror Trope

Sam is the one that ends up running away from the enemy in a towel.

There’s a Tool That For Some Reason People Are Friends With

Who the hell invited Mike? Why would anyone invite this guy?

Regina George Is in the Game

This is actually offensive to Regina George. Jessica is more like a trashy, discount Regina George. Really only around because of Mike. Again, who the hell invited him?

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