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You Owe it to Yourself to Play These 5 Underrated Japanese Games


You Owe it to Yourself to Play These 5 Underrated Japanese Games

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You’ve probably heard of this one. Square Enix made a small splash at this year’s E3 by announcing a sequel to Cavia’s 2010 project: NieR. While many of NieR’s hardcore fans were left in tears of joy, myself included, I’m sure there was an even larger number of gamers who had never even heard of this game.

NieR is an action RPG with rather mediocre gameplay. In NieR, you take control of a father who travels around the world with a talking book in the hopes of finding a cure to save his terminally ill daughter. The game is very standard RPG fare; you kill enemies, level up, buy weapons, and do fetch quests.

While the standard gameplay isn’t terribly exciting, NieR does do a fantastic job with its boss fights. Every boss feels epic in proportion, and they all come with a slight trick or puzzle that you’ll have to figure out in order to hurt them. But you’re not here for the gameplay. No. You play NieR for its captivating story and phenomenal soundtrack.

If you’re an RPG lover, and you enjoy a good story that can make you cry, and you appreciate good music in your games, you’d be remiss to pass up on NieR.

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