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The Internet Has Ruined This Yoshi Story Song Forever


The Internet Has Ruined This Yoshi Story Song Forever

Why Yoshi, why?

We’ve done it again, internet. We’ve taken a sacred, beautiful thing that is a sea of singing Yoshis and peed on it.

Yoshi’s Happy Song plays throughout victorious moments in Yoshi’s Story, the 1998 N64 game that used to be full of innocence. Somewhere along the way through the 90’s and 2000’s, we found something. Something that can’t be reversed.
We can never unhear the most misheard of lyrics.

At first there was denial. People are really not good at accepting Yoshi telling them to eat asshole.

song story eat asshole youtube comment

yoshi story song eat asshole

Some understandable anger followed, of course:

yoshi song eat asshole

There was some bargaining – poor souls offering any possible alternative to the eat asshole phenomenon:

song story eat asshole

Oh and depression. Gotta have that.

yoshi song story eat asshole

And the terrifying acceptance that led to the internet’s chorus of “Eat asshole”:

song story eat asshole

We’re (mostly not entirely) sorry to bring you this discovery. Hopefully the sanctity of that Yoshi song wasn’t a cornerstone of your happiness. You probably can’t look at your woolly Yoshi the same. That’s okay.

Got any better Yoshi song translations? Can you stop the eat asshole revolution? Let us know in the comments below.

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