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Twitter’s Rejected Nintendo Sequels Are Hilariously Bad


Twitter’s Rejected Nintendo Sequels Are Hilariously Bad

Some of these aren’t ENTIRELY bad…

For some people, Nintendo doesn’t make the sequels that they should be making. They want another Metroid Prime and got Federation Force; they crave the new Legend of Zelda and ended up with Hyrule Warriors. Luckily, Twitter has come up with some sequels that Nintendo was too stupid to pass on!

….Or maybe not.

Oh god no.

Look, Nintendo’s a lot of things, but they ain’t miracle workers.

Isn’t that Wario and Waluigi?

Nintendo FitBit in the works? Sure, why not.

Wasn’t me….*throws cup away*


Pre-order now to get a scope for your rifle!

Sorry Nintendo, the deer man shoulda minded his own business.


Got any other Nintendo sequels that were sadly turned down? Give us your best ones in the comments below.

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