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Twitter Spews Liquid Rage Over the Pixels Movie


Twitter Spews Liquid Rage Over the Pixels Movie

There’s anger, and then there’s ANGER.

So unless you’ve been frozen in ice Captain America style for the past 2-5 months, you’re probably fairly well aware of Adam Sandler’s new Pixels movie.  In the film, aliens decide to invade the Earth using 80s video game characters thanks to discovering humanity via space probe that had classic arcade video games and took them as a declaration of war. It’s not a stupid setup, but Adam Sandler attached to anything is like attaching Hideo Kojima’s name to anything at Konami and expecting his presence to not be wiped out after 45 seconds have passed. Surprising to absolutely no one, Pixels is terrible on a level that defies everything about life as we know it. The dread of the movie’s release has been building over the past few months, but with the negative reviews out being so scorching hot that they give the White Phosphorus scene in Spec Ops a run for its money, Twitter just couldn’t help itself.

Do the right thing, parents.

Is that chair Clint Eastwood argued with still looking for work?

That room has now become a pool made of tears.

Yeah, that’s another thing…

Spoiler alert: video game characters aren’t used well in Pixels.

Lord, please no.

Oh Nintendo…could you not?


What fucking debts to Adam Sandler did a Lannister have to repay?

You in the same mindset about Pixels? Going to see it anyway? Let us know in the comments below.

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