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Twitter Manages to Suck the Thrill Out of Video Games


Twitter Manages to Suck the Thrill Out of Video Games


Video games are well-known for being full of relentless action and excitement. Well, that, microtransactions, and DLC, but the point is that gamers are sure to get a rush whenever they pop in a game like GTA V or Call of Duty. Not content with just trying to make these bad Nintendo sequels a thing, Twitter decided to make video games even more exciting! If “exciting” meant “as engaging as watching paint dry for two hours. These are all courtesy of the “Unexcitingvideogames” hashtag.

Collect 10 Tires and give to Melinda for 1 of 6 Lawnmowers!

You get a crappy gift! You get a crappy gift! EVERYONE GETS CRAPPY GIFTS!

So, Reddit?

More video games need to feature and have pie.

That was a fun birthday party…

Koalas can fuck a dude UP.

Build yourself a prison of nothing but mimes and throw away the key.

Isn’t that called PAX?

Of course, with a hashtag like this, some decided to throw some shade.

Nothing is renewed, everything is expired.

Video games+dads=success

Can you think of any other video games that would be an absolute bore to play? Let us know in the comments below.

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