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Titanfall is Getting a Free-To-Play Version Exclusive to Asia


Titanfall is Getting a Free-To-Play Version Exclusive to Asia

Titanfall is going free-to-play but only in Asia.

In an attempt to spread the appeal of the Titanfall series, EA has announced that they are partnering up with free-to-play specialists Nexon to create a free-to-play version of Titanfall.

Don’t get your hopes up, however, because has also reported that the game will be exclusive to the Asian market. In this case, that means that the game will be coming to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia only.


While Nexon is in charge of developing the game, they will also be working with the series developers Respawn Entertainment. According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon, Owen Mahoney:

“With its pilot vs. titan gameplay, among other innovations, Titanfall is a uniquely intense game experience. We look forward to working with the talented teams at Respawn and EA and leveraging Nexon’s free-to-play expertise to deliver a new and engaging online game based on Titanfall to the Asian market,”

This deal will be the third time that EA made a free-to-play version of one of their IPs and so far this has worked extremely well in their favor as the three entry in their free-to-play FIFA series is currently the most popular sports game in Korea.

Due to the fact that this game is being made with the Asian market in mind, it is unlikely that it will be released in western territories. Respawn is currently working on Titanfall 2 but don’t expect it to be released till 2016.

Are you disappointed to hear that the free-to-play version of Titanfall will be exclusive to Asia? Let us know in the comments below.

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