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The Witcher 3 Is Getting New Game Plus in the Next DLC


The Witcher 3 Is Getting New Game Plus in the Next DLC

Fancy slaying some more monsters?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is arguably one of the best games to have been released this year and we’ve had a great time roaming the lands hunting monsters as Geralt of Rivia. Being the awesome folk they are, the guys and girls at CD Projekt RED also supported the game with sixteen free packs of DLC which were released on a weekly basis after the game’s release.

the witcher 3
The final piece of DLC is on the horizon and it’s something very cool. Announced on The Witcher 3’s official Facebook page, the DLC will add a New Game Plus feature to The Witcher 3. Those of you who have already completed the main quest will be able to start again whilst keeping your items, weapons, and abilities. This DLC, like the others, will be totally free. Given that this is quite a major update, CD Projekt RED are still working on it and it seems it might be a week or two before it’s released. We’re just happy to have an excuse to revisit The Witcher 3!

[Source: Facebook]

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