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The Order: 1886 Gets an Official Price Cut from Sony


The Order: 1886 Gets an Official Price Cut from Sony

Good news for gamers.

It would be fair to say that despite a lot of hype and incredibly beautiful graphics, The Order:1886 was somewhat of a flop when the PS4 exclusive was released earlier this year. Since its release, many retailers have been selling the game at a reduced price and now Sony has officially slashed the game’s price.

Sony has changed the official MRSP of the game from $60 to $40, which is still a lot more than most retailers are selling it for, but indicates that Sony realizes no one wants to pay a lot for the game.

The Order: 1886 was a highly anticipated PS4 exclusive title and from the trailers we were blown away by the game’s amazing graphics and alternative history setting. However, upon its release critics and fans alike found the game to be very short, rife with unskippable cutscenes, and full of Quick Time Events. Just a few months after the game was released, Sony cut ties with the developer, Ready at Dawn.

Perhaps we might see The Order: 1886 be offered as a free PlayStation Plus game?

[Source: PS4Daily]

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