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The Miiverse is Getting Redesigned This Summer


The Miiverse is Getting Redesigned This Summer

The Miiverse is getting a fresh coat of paint later this Summer.

Nintendo has announced that they will be rolling out a redesigned version of the Miiverse sometime this Summer.

With the new version of Miiverse, users will be able to save up to 100 screenshots at the same time in a brand new screenshot album. This new screenshot album will be completely private too, so no-one but its owner will be able to view it.

Along with the ability to save their favourite moments in the album, users will be able to take and comment on their favourite moments by creating a Play Journal entry. All users will have to do to create a Play Journal Entry is open the Miiverse while playing a game. It should be noted however that it won’t take screenshots of games that the Play Journal doesn’t support. The Play Journal will also serve as a replacement for users active feeds, which means that once the redesign comes out, users won’t be able to post in their active feeds anymore.


Along with these additions, the new redesign will also categorize all posts into Play Journal Entries, Drawings and Discussions. This means that it will be easier for users to find the comments and posts that they’re looking for.

Finally, after Nintendo releases the Miiverse redesign they will partly lift the restriction on how many times Miiverse users will be able to post on a daily basis. This means that after the redesign users will be able to post up to 30 comments, or posts, a day.

The Nintendo redesign will be released this Summer but what’s your opinion on the changes they’re making? Let us know in the comments below.

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