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The Last of Us Soundtrack Gets a Gorgeous Vinyl Release


The Last of Us Soundtrack Gets a Gorgeous Vinyl Release

A must-have for fans of the game.

Not only was The Last of Us a well-received, critically acclaimed game when it first saw its release back in 2013, it also had a pretty darn good soundtrack. With a memorable main theme, along with subtle atmospheric string tunes, the music itself fit the game perfectly, and The Last of Us was all the better for it.

Mondo Music has announced that they will be releasing a four-disc vinyl set of Gustavo Santaolalla’s fantastic soundtrack, featuring gorgeous cover art and packaging designed by Olly Moss and Jay Shaw. The vinyl set will feature the game’s original soundtrack, as well as the equally awesome music from the Left Behind DLC, which was released in February 14. The vinyl set will be released on July 22 at the price of $75.

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