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Star Wars: Battlefront Will Have a High Replay Value Says DICE


Star Wars: Battlefront Will Have a High Replay Value Says DICE

The battle will rage for a long time.

Star Wars: Battlefront is well into its development cycle and fans everywhere are hoping this will be the sequel we’ve been waiting for for so long. Over a month ago, DICE created a Q&A thread on Reddit which encouraged fans to ask questions about the game. One user asked just how much replayability we should expect from the game, to which Level Artist Daniel Cambrand just recently answered that we should expect a lot of replayability.

Cambrand replied: Personally I have found the replay value to be very high. We have had an internal competition at the office where we battled over a case of beer, who would get the best time on the Tatooine Mission that was shown on E3, and we have been playing that Mission over and over and over. It is really fun, changing your tactics slightly every time and trying new ways, especially when you start to compare round time with your friends and colleagues. As for our internal competition, I came in 2nd after Vehicle Artist Joel, who snagged that case of beer 🙂

Star Wars: Battlefront will feature a game mode that will be like a story mode which you can play either on your own, with bots, or friends via co-op. However, the game’s main goal is to bring us an awesome Star Wars multiplayer experience. In an interview with GameStop DICE’s General Manager Patrick Bach has said:

To be honest, single-player was never in the plan. It was never the concept. The concept for us was always that we wanted players to re-live the battles. We wanted them to play the battles from the original movies. And DICE, coming from its Battlefield background, knows how to make awesome battles in that context.

We were also thinking about the Battlefront franchise, which has multiplayer at its core.

I get it though, you also want a parallel Star Wars narrative experience. That is not what we’re building. But we are building these small missions too. If you like our world and mechanics, but you don’t want to play with strangers on the internet, then you can still enjoy this game.

Star Wars: Battlefront is due to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th.

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