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Star Wars Battlefront Leaks Have EA and DICE on Edge


Star Wars Battlefront Leaks Have EA and DICE on Edge

*insert Wilhelm Scream here*

The past few days, Electronic Arts has been hectically trying to remove online gameplay videos from their anticipated title, Star Wars Battlefront, that have been leaked onto the Internet.

Players whom had access to the Star Wars Battlefront alpha were asked to accept an end-user agreement that stated players were not allowed to publish any videos from the alpha. However, a few players simply ignored this agreement and started posting the content.

DICE and EA have come together since players started posting the video footage and have created a team to find and remove as many of the videos as possible.

Of the content that was revealed through the alpha, we know that one of the videos showed off single-player survival gameplay and a Walker Assault battle on the snowy planet of Hoth.

Star Wars Battlefront

EA and DICE have done an incredible job of obtaining and removing the videos from the Internet, so finding them now is much more difficult, but still possible.

After these leaks, more information regarding Battlefront was obtained on NeoGAF, when players searched through specific game files and obtained a list of different weapons and vehicles within the game.

Some of the weapons seen were the E11, A280, DH17, DL44, DLT20a, EE3, Rocket Launcher, SE14c, and the T21. And some of the vehicles were listed as the T-65 X-wing, Tie Fighter, Lambda Shuttle, Y-wing, Tie-Bomber, Corellian Corvette, Nebulon B Frigate, Imperial Star Destroyer, AT-ST, AT-AT, Tie Interceptor, 74-Z Speeder Bike, and the Mon Calamari Capital Ship Home One.

Star Wars Battlefront

We don’t exactly know how we will get access to these vehicles and weapons or how they’ll work in game, but one can only wonder when the Imperial Star Destroyer is on the list.

Star Wars Battlefront is launching in Nov. 2015, and is considered EA’s most important game release of the year.

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