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Square Enix Releases First Dragon Quest Builders Screenshots


Square Enix Releases First Dragon Quest Builders Screenshots

Is this another Minecraft clone?

Square Enix has released their first screenshots for the upcoming Minecraft-esque RPG in the Dragon Quest universe, Dragon Quest Builders. Until now, Square only had the image above and a bit of general information. But these new screenshots are giving us an idea of how the game will actually play.

Check out the screenshots below:

In Dragon Quest Builders, players take the role of a hero in the kingdom of Alefgard — the world from the original Dragon Quest — who must rebuild the kingdom after it is decimated by monsters. The players will gather materials like wood, rock, plant-life, fruit, and slime to rebuild Alefgard and protect the kingdom from monsters. The game will also feature classic characters from the series, like Brownie the elf from Dragon Quest V, as well as classic villains like Slimes, Golems, Shadows, and, of course, Dragons.

While the game has been reported as a Minecraft game set in the Dragon Quest universe, Dragon Quest Builders is looking and sounding more like a tower-defense game. In the screenshots, not only is there a player health bar, but also a “camp” health bar. Also seen is the player setting traps along the border of the camp to stop oncoming Slimes and a Golem. There are most assuredly inspirations from Minecraft, but Builders looks to have enough differences to stand out amongst the many clones of Mojang’s popular game. The blending of Dragon Quest‘s RPG sensibilities, Minecraft‘s gathering and building, with tower-defense gameplay should make Dragon Quest Builders its own monster.

Dragon Quest Builders features characters designed by longtime Dragon Quest character designer and Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama. It will be directed by Etrian Odyssey creator, Kazuya Niinou. Builders is slated for release in Japan in Winter 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3. As of this posting, there is no confirmation for a worldwide or North American release.

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