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DICE’s Audio Director Explains How Sounds Recorded For Star Wars Battlefront


DICE’s Audio Director Explains How Sounds Recorded For Star Wars Battlefront

Audio Director traveled the world to record sounds for Star Wars Battlefront.

DICE decided today to let people see for themselves how much travelling their sound team had to do and the support provided by Skywalker Sound on designing the sounds for Star Wars Battlefront. A new blog post lets DICE’s Audio Director Ben Minto take us with him on his journey to record every sound in Stars Wars Battlefront and how he tried to make each sound authentic.

The post also showcases over 20 sounds featured in the game audible through EA’s SoundCloud account.

“What we were really after were recordings of the “air” or the “feel” of the pacific coastal redwoods, which is the location where the forest moon of Endor was filmed. If you can get away from today’s noise pollution, you can experience this very delicate and quiet sound that is something that we strive to add in as a layer when designing ambiences. It really helps to put the player in that specific environment and sell the sensation of being surrounding by those giant trees.”

Minto also said that their target is to make people feel immersed in the game and make them remember the original movies’ sounds, if they do then they will have succeeded.

“These sounds all “exist” before any players enter the level and start making noises of their own. The levels should live and breathe on their own, and the ambient sounds must support these experiences and allow the listener to immerse themselves in these worlds far, far away. If people’s reactions are that the game “sounds just like the films” then we have achieved our goal.”

Star Wars Battlefront is going to release on Nov. 17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC and from the looks of it, the game might have one of the most immersive world sounds we have seen.

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