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Rumor: Dragon Quest VII and VIII 3DS Remakes Could Be Getting Localized


Rumor: Dragon Quest VII and VIII 3DS Remakes Could Be Getting Localized


Remember in May when Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii teased some 30th anniversary announcements for the series’ milestone birthday in 2016? Here’s a refresher of what he said:

“Everyone, thank you for the congratulations on Dragon Quest‘s 29th. Next year, we’re finally approaching the 30th anniversary. I think we’ll be able to make various announcements in the near future, so please look forward to them.”

It appears that perhaps those announcements aren’t just limited to Japan, where the Dragon Quest series is undoubtedly the most popular. Take this information with plenty of salt, but according to French fan site Final Fantasy Ring, Horii relayed during the Japan Expo in Paris this weekend that the recent 3DS remakes of both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII would be released “in French.” Twitter user Jeremie Kermarrec corroborated this information and followed up with Square Enix after the accidental slip. Their reps told him the announcement “wasn’t planned,” stoking the rumor’s flames. Finally, Hori’s translator also allegedly became upset when he said that, adding one more block of wood to the fire.

Until now there has been no mention or indication that either title will be making the jump outside of Japan, but hopefully we’ll receive an official announcement soon following with slip of the tongue. Dragon Quest VIII is scheduled to release for the 3DS in Japan Aug. 27.

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