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Rocket League Downloads Reach Dizzying Heights


Rocket League Downloads Reach Dizzying Heights

I’m a rocket mannnn!

Rocket League has been keeping PlayStation 4 players occupied throughout the month of July, and the download figures show just how many.

It took Rocket League just three weeks to more than double the lifetime downloads of the game’s predecessor: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. I think Rocket League is a bit catchier if you ask me.

Developer Psyonix tweeted out that Rocket League had been downloaded 5 million times. This figure does include purchases for the PC and PlayStation 4 version, and obviously includes the PlayStation Plus downloads. If you haven’t already picked up Rocket League on PlayStation Plus, we strongly recommend you do so. But be quick, you’ve only got till August 4 to do so.

Rocket League hit 4 million downloads last week and continues to prove just how popular the game is turning out to be. 1 million downloads in one week is pretty damn impressive.

“In comparison to the original Battle-Cars, Rocket League has had more than double the lifetime downloads in its first three weeks. It’s a much stronger response than we ever imagined, and the studio is ecstatic about it.” Jeremy Dunham, vice president of Psyonix said.

Rocket League released on July 7 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The game allows players on both platforms to play with one another, a feature we’d love to see more developers try and implement. Rocket League puts players in control of a rocket-powered cars as they try and score into the opposing teams net with a giant, and we mean giant, ball.

Rocket League is difficult to master but incredibly fun to play regardless of your skill level. Seriously go and download it for free on PlayStation Plus tonight, get a couple friends together, and enjoy the hilarity that pursues.

Have you picked up Rocket League? If you need some handy tips, check out our little guide here.

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